Christmas in the Park | Luminary Night


Sunday December 20, 2020

Luminaries begin at 5pm. 



Luminaries - We will again celebrate with this anticipated tradition this year

A magical evening in Park Hills, the streets of Park Hills glow with Christmas spirit! All residents are encouraged to light up the road in front of their house with luminaries beginning at 5pm. Brought to you by the Park Hills Avant Gardeners.


Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Santa and Mrs. Claus, also known sometimes as Jay Moretti and Kathy Stalsberg, will be making rounds through the neighborhood on Luminary night, December 20th. Watch and wave as they cruise by on a street near you!
Head outside and you may catch a candy cane tossed from their convertible!
Route Details
The route starts on Cleveland at 6:00 PM, Luminary Night, Sunday, December 20. 
The Clauses will cruise down Jackson, then to Rose Circle, then by Trolley Park and across Dixie Highway to Arlington. Once they do their rounds on that side of Dixie, they'll pass Cov Cath, turn on St. James and then head back by Trolley Park. From there, they'll head up Amsterdam to Lawton, then Audubon, then Wald Court where they’ll turn back toward Audubon and up Park into Devou. They’ll turn at Montague, around Emerson and Morgan and then back to Cleveland before heading back to the North Pole at 7:30PM. 
See map, below.

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